120 Size 4+ Huggies Nappies £11 @ Asda

120 Size 4+ Huggies Nappies £11 @ Asda

huggiesNappiesIf you're in the market for nappies then this is a deal for you.

Asda are selling boxes of 120 Huggies nappies in size +4 for £11.00 instead of £20.98.

The only way these Huggies nappies won't be of any use to you is

a) you use cotton nappies or,

b) you have a baby who's too big for size +4

Other than that, there's absolutely no reason why you can't take advantage of nappy deals when they come up and stash them away until your baby is big enough to wear them.

I dread to think how much money I've spent on nappies over the years, on both disposable and cotton ones.

It's probably not even a good idea to try and work it out, it would just break your heart; saving money on things like nappies whenever you can is a way to ease the financial burden just a little bit.

There's no limit on how many boxes of these Huggies nappies you can order; the only thing that will limit you is them going out of stock and, at this price, that might be quite fast.

Change the delivery method to 'in-store' to collect them from your local Asda store for free.

Thanks to mrsmersey at HUKD


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