Tomy Octopals Bath Time Toys £6.71 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling these Octopals bath time toys for £6.71, rather than £12.99.

Octopals is a rather cute bath time play set that will not only keep your child amused, but also lends itself to a little bit of number learning too.

Mummy Octopus has eight babies (can you imagine!) who each sit on the end of one of her eight tentacles.  Mummy Octopus separates away and can be used as a pouring cup, she can also be used a showerhead too.

The baby octopi become cool bath time squirters and can stick to the side of the bath or onto wall tiles - I'm glad about that, you can't have Octopi that don't sucker onto things, that would just be wrong!

Each baby octopus also has a number on its back which corresponds with numbers on the mothers tentacles – so when your little one is old enough to start getting to grips with numbers, their Octopals will be there to lend a tentacle or eight.

Here's a review and top tip for you, from existing owners:

My daughter loves these Octopals. They're very cute and she likes to line up all the little babies in a row so that their eyes are facing her. They can be stuck to almost any surface in the bath with their suction cups and when you squeeze them over the bath, each one makes a different squeaky sound.

Best of all, they're very easy to squeeze and so they can be kept very clean. Some squeezy bath toys grow mold if you don't empty out the water every time, and some of them are difficult to squeeze. These little guys are very squeezy and so you can be sure 99% of the water is out when you clean up after bathtime.

As has been noted by other customers, ours did grow mold after a couple of months. I filled the milton container, filled the little octopals with the solution and left them soaking overnight -- as good as new in the morning.

Thanks to laurieleigh at HUKD

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