Timmy Time Two Piece Bath Set £3.78 @ Argos eBay Store

The Argos eBay store is selling a brand new and shiny Timmy Time bath set for a mere £2.79, the extra cost is the 99p delivery charge. I find it quite amusing that Argos charge a fortune for deliveries from their main site but such a meagre amount for their eBay site.

The Timmy Time Argos bath set comes with two adorable items that any little fan of the show will enjoy. I rather enjoy Timmy Time myself actually, this is one of those kiddie shows on CBeebies that makes me laugh.

The bath set is, apparently, fine for both genders – a fact that also amuses me. I mean, this whole gender specification thing is so daft. Anyway, the set includes a bath and shower gel as well as a Timmy Time printed sponge. The sponge is dead cute actually with the image printed on the top.

Thanks to barky at HUKD!

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