Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather Blue £7.49 (Was £14.99) @ Boots

Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather

If I had to write a list of the best Baby Equipment I have ever bought, then this Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather would be somewhere near the top. Normally these sell for £15-£16, but you can get the blue one for just £7.49 from Boots.

The Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather is brilliant for bath time, when baby is all slippery. I never used one of these until my third child and I wish I had it with my first two.

Basically, it's a soft, mesh Sling, that can be reclined into three different positions. There's a head support too. As baby lies in it, you have free hands to wash your precious bundle of joy.

It folds down, for when not in use.

You can Click and Collect the Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather for FREE from a Boots store near you, or pay £3.50 for Home Delivery.

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  • Carla G.

    This is what I want!! I'm no where near a boots tho, pants!! X

  • Angharad B.

    I may have to look into this

  • Clair O.

    Don't bother folks. Your bath has to be really deep full of water before you child gets wet. Such a waste of water

  • Helen R.

    Terrible bath seat. My daughter hated it because she got a tiny bit wet then was cold. Bath had to be dangerously deep for baby to even feel the warmth of a bath

  • Tracy R.

    this would be a good thing to have :slight_smile: xx

  • Ellyn M.

    Logan loved his of it. Lola on the other hand gets out of it lol. She prefers to lie on her belly in the bath lol

  • Danielle K.

    this is amazing! Oliver still sits in his

  • Samantha B.

    I’ve got a bath and a little thing to go inside bath similar to this tbh xx

  • Kimberley G.

    Yep I’ve ordered 1 lovely xx

  • Hannah O.

    We have one for darcie they are brill x

  • Maryelizabeth K.

    I'll need to get one:joy:. Xxxx

  • Shan M.

    thank you!! ordered one there

  • Melissa F.

    I’ve just ordered one :thumbsup: xx

  • Joanne M.

    No, but would you not need loads of water in so they didn’t get cold? Jamie loves to lay n splash loads but nearly sitting up too x

  • Donna P.

    I would of had Jason in the bath too so I’d have it filled up a bit anyway but as long as room warm enough you don’t need that much, was handy too to set them in if u were in bathroom and needed them to get set down lol

  • Amy E.

    I have one like this that sits up xx

  • Toni L.

    I’ve got one, got the angel care one xx

  • Michelle S.

    Aww I already have one of those angel care ones thank you :slight_smile: xx

  • Samantha M.

    See if they have this near u then

  • Lauren

    Aww i need to know what im having first :open_mouth:

  • Tarelle T.

    I know I saw this earlier I need one

  • Melissa L.

    Ahh last thing on my list!!

  • Mcb D.

    Brilliant!! Going to go on and order this now :thumbsup_tone1: fantastic price! X

  • Debbie E.

    Fab ain’t they. Such a good price too xxx

  • Pauline G.

    I bought one for here X

  • Kerry B.

    I loved mine. You can change the angle too. Used it for all three of mine.

  • Alison P.

    Couldn't agree more rubbish

  • Karen K.

    I used the blue version for my son as it helped to have both hands free, I now use the same one for my daughter so I can bath both my children together on my own

  • Rosie M.

    They only do pink or blue :pensive:

  • Zoe C.

    I just bathed ours in the kitchen sink like it was the 1950's and they've both survived to school age. Ker-ching.

  • Mcb D.

    They certainly did! Ordered it last night :blush: fantastic price!! X

  • Cheryl B.

    I agree, and when you try and wash their back the seat flips! Total waste of money!

  • Suzanne R.

    A prefered this to an actual baby bath and it folds so takes up less space x

  • Clare T.

    These are brilliant for the next bath stage

  • Kirsty C.

    Thanks, just purchased to collect! Xx

  • George Y.

    Bought one of these, used it once. My daughter preferred to be in the actual water as she got cold sitting half in/out

  • Pamela B.

    This will be fab when he outgrows his wee bath x

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