Five Squirty Bath Time Toys £5.50 @ Amazon

Five Squirty Bath Time Toys £5.50 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling these five B Squirts bath time toys for £5.50 instead of £14.99; I definitely wouldn't pay the full price for them, but for £5.50 you won't be going wrong.

Bath times are supposed to be fun; for a while, in my house with my youngest, they were a daily hell.

When Edward was little we used to bath him in the utility room sink - it was the warmest room in the house, he could sit up in it and feel safe and 'confined' (if you see what I mean), he could watch the birds outside on the bird table AND it saved lots of water.

All in all it worked beautifully, until Edward became too big for the sink - he HATED the huge expanse of the bath and MY GOODNESS, the tantrums and screaming that accompanied bath times there after really made for some unhappy evenings.

Squirty bath time toys, like these B Squirts toys came to the rescue - they were fun and ideal for squirting parents on the dry side of the bath! Even though I often ended up as wet as I would have been if I'd climbed into the bath myself, it was worth it to  have happy bath times.

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