The Return Of Old Spice

The Return Of Old Spice

oldspiceIt sounds like the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes doesn’t it? The Return of Old Spice! Well, this Father’s Day Old Spice is hitting the road and making a comeback and I, for one, am delighted. I used to love this smell when I was a child and don’t see why our children shouldn’t get the same smell to be all nostalgic about when they get older.

Taking you back to the days when men were men and razors were scared, Old Spice is a scent that has been a part of our lives for years. The products in the new range are wonderfully cheap and cheerful so if you like this smell, it’s not going to cost you the earth.

oldspice2The new Old Spice range includes After Shave Lotions for around £9.99, body sprays for around £2.69 and shower gel for £2.69. Hardly break the bank stuff, just what we like to see. So, are you going to go out there and get your family man some Old Spice? Let me know right here...


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