Munchkin Sea Squirts Bath Time Toys £3.95 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling these Munchkin Sea Squirts bath time toys for £3.95, rather than their usual £5.99 - I think they look rather fun.

When my youngest son was tiny we bathed him in a baby bath; when he could sit up we bathed him the the utility room sink - it was the perfect place due to being one of the warmest rooms in the house, it was the perfect size for his little body and the perfect height for me and his dad; all in all, it was perfect.

When he got too big for the sink, we moved upstairs to the bathroom and all hell broke loose - he hated the bath! This was further compounded with a complete and utter loathing for having his hair washed and the whole process became an exercise in torture for all involved.

We eventually overcame this hurdle by calling upon every bath time toy trick in the book - things like these Munchkin Sea Squirts bath time toys proved to be among the most effective.

These particular bath time toys are suitable for little ones aged nine months and over, and you should be prepared to get a good soaking if you're on the receiving end of their squirts!

Thanks to si36912 at HUKD

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