My Munchkin Organic Towel Review

My Munchkin

The My Munchkin Towel is an organic, cotton towel, designed to keep your hands free and your clothes dry while getting your little one in and out of the bath.  It is a superbly soft butterfly shaped towel that uses quick release Velcro to tie behind the neck and has a hood to one side for drying baby’s hair – baby being 0 – 18 months, but I still use it on my 21 month old.

The My Munchkin Towel comes in a bag made out of the same cotton material. At first I thought it was a waste, really, because why would a towel really need it’s own bag, but actually, it’s a great toiletry bag to keep all my daughter’s special bath products together, which makes packing up for the weekend a whole bunch easier as I don’t forget half of everything.

The My Munchkin Towel does make it possible to give a toddler a bath without getting soaked yourself. Of course, I have to mop up the floor after a splashathon bath, but at least I’m dry. When we’re done, my daughter stands up, and I pop her wet head into the ‘hood’, wrap one side around her, lift her to my chest, and wrap the other side around her – usually accompanied with plenty kisses and squeals.

In the room, a light yank frees the towel from around my neck and she goes down on the bed, tightly wrapped and ready for her evening rub down or massage.  The towel is large too, and really absorbent, so there’s no wet patch on the bed either.

The towel did have a slightly odd smell to it, straight out the packet, but that faded as it was exposed to air, and we think it’s a winner, and I’ll be using it with our next little one too since it’s anti-allergenic and cosy.

You can see the My Munchkin Towel in action in this YouTube video and it’s available from the My Munchkin website in pink, blue and white at £24.99, although you can still get 15% off with the exclusive PlayPennies offer.

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