EcoCamel Orbit Review

19 November 2013

Saving money is always good. Helping to save the environment, even a little, is also good. Frequently, products that help the environment also save you money, and that's the idea behind the EcoCamel Orbit. This is a shower head that screws onto your existing shower system.

It claims to use less water, and also therefore less power, but with the same if not more powerful water coverage that you'd get from a normal shower head. I got an Orbit showerhead in for review, and you can find out if it worked or not by reading the rest of the review.

We have a fairly simple shower setup. Like most households it is over the bath. I'm rather short, and my husband is rather tall, so we have one that has a good amount of height adjustment on a pole. The water pressure in our area is good, and pretty much jets out. I wish I could tell you exactly what it is but I have no idea. We live on a hill so perhaps gravity helps. The Ecocamel Orbit is priced at £69.95. I have to say that the price was fairly eyewatering for me. I expect you're paying here for the amount of research and design that's gone into making this bit of shower technology. The look of the Orbit is pretty good. It is a mix of white and chrome so will suit most shower fittings. We changed ours recently from a chrome silver fitting to a white one for instance. As promised, the shower head screwed in really easily. We don't have a water meter so don't really have to penny pinch when it comes to the amount of water we use. So for us, the water saving wasn't quite as important. Nor did we have a way of measuring it to see if it does indeed use less water. But I'm going to assume it does. The shower head is shaped like the spoke of a bicycle wheel, with a hole in the middle. There are 10 clusters of nozzles that, it is claimed, provide an even spray. I actually really liked the spray. It felt softer, and the shower, bath etc wasn't as drowned in water as it was with the previous showerhead. The coverage felt a lot more too but I have to point out, the head is actually a bit bigger than our previous showerhead. I really did expect to feel the gap in the middle, but it wasn't noticeable at all. Looking at the nozzles on the showerhead I don't really see how they can cover so much but they do. Overall I was happy and impressed with the shower head. I'd make sure you can test it out on your shower though and return if it doesn't work, especially when you're paying this sort of money. And you will want to see if this is too fast a speed for children too. Especially if they are little. It is a good option if you're looking for a new shower head. And also if you rent and want to use your own shower head. This one is designed to be easy to clean. I haven't used it for long enough to put this properly to the test though. It says that it works with power showers, electric showers, and shower mixers. The Orbit worked on our mixer but we also have very good water pressure. And one other thing, I don't know if it was my imagination or not, but it does actually seem a bit noisier. To be honest, in a shower that doesn't matter too much. Not to me at any rate. Pros: looks good, excellent water coverage, very fast speed Cons: expensive Overall verdict: 7/10

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