Crayola Tadoodles Bath Crayons £3.99 @ Play

Crayola Tadoodles Bath Crayons £3.99 @ Play

Play are currently selling these Crayola Tadoodles Bath Crayons for £3.99 instead of £6.49.

Bath times with young kids is usually fun, but when your child suddenly seems to develop an 'allergy' to anything involving water and soap it can be hell.

For reasons still unknown, my youngest son loathed bath times for at least 18 months.  Just trying to get him into the water was 'interesting' and I won't even bother sharing the pain of trying to wash his hair.

I think me and his dad must have tried every bath time tactic under the sun; some effective and some not at all. Bath time crayons like these Crayola Tadoodle Bath Crayons were one of the effective 'weapons' - he loved them.

He thought it was so much fun to draw on the side of the bath, or get us to draw various things and write down all the words he could think of at the time. We only encountered one problem with them...tears and heartbreak when it was time to wash the pictures off! The Crayola Tadoodle Bath Crayons float and have holes in the bottom of each crayon holder to allow the water to drain away; ours weren't as 'posh' as these and we ended up with the odd gooey waterlogged crayon that had been forgotten and left in the bottom of the bath.

There's no delivery to pay for UK orders with Play, so £3.99 is all you have to pay for a lot of extra fun at bath time.

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