Colour Change Gelli Baff £3.99 @ Amazon

Colour Change Gelli Baff £3.99 @ Amazon

Gelli BaffHow long do you think you can keep the kids busy in the bath with the colour changing Gelli Baff?  It's currently £3.99 at Amazon, but you'd have to pay delivery of almost the same, so you may as well aim for the £10 mark and keep some for the sand & water table for summer. In the meantime, the colour change Gelli Baff is a fun way to keep little ones busy for an hour or so while it's still too cold to head outdoors.

Gelli Baff turns water into goo and back again - it's a bit like having jelly in your bath. Simply fill your bath with 40 litres of warm water, sprinkle the goo over the surface of the bath and leave it for two minutes. Watch as your boring bath water magically starts to turn into a fun, thick goo. Then stir well, get in and have fun!

When the kids have finished the bath, add the dissolver sachet - it's salt- and the goo simply disappears.

If you have kids with skin sensitivities you may want to investigate further, because the goo is the stuff that makes disposable nappies absorbent, but for everyone else, on the odd occasion, it sounds like it could be quite fun, don't you think?


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