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chiccoSplishSplashCrab Home Bargains win the prize for selling the lowest priced Chicco Splish Splash Crab on the internet; they must have a gold star!

Buy a Chicco Splish Splash Crab from Home Bargains and you'll pay £5.99; buy him from anywhere else and you'll pay between £8.99 and £14.99.

Bath times with little children should be fun; lots of games and giggling, singing and splashing and general happiness.

Bath time with my youngest were nothing like this to begin with.

For some reason he developed a real aversion to the bath and, on occasions, screamed so much he actually made himself sick.

Bath time toys of a certain type saved the day - floating boats, bath time books (I can still narrate The Rainbow Fish to this day) and things like this Chicco Splish Splash Crab.
He's a bath time activity centre that attaches easily to the side of the bath, or shower, with a suction cup.  He features a spinning waterwheel, a hidden starfish, a swimming fish and has various sound effects.

When your child pours water into the right-hand claw, using the shell-shaped cup, the waterwheel will spin.  To hear fun swimming noises, they must slide the blue fish along and to reveal the hidden starfish they simply need to move the left crab claw.

Delivery charges vary depending on the size classification of your parcel: a small parcel is 50 pence and a medium parcel is £2.99; your Chicco Splish Splash Crab certainly won't be any bigger than medium parcel size.

Happy Splashing

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