Bath Buddy Water Level Detector £5.00 @ Argos

Bath Buddy Water Level Detector £5.00 @ Argos

Bath Buddy

I'm trying really hard to like this screaming little man, I really am. For £5.00 from Argos, down from £9.99, I am willing to at least give this water level detector a moment's thought.

If I have to be honest, I'd realise that I had survived 30 years without this little gadget and would click on by. But, sitting here trying to think of the benefits of this water level detectors, I've come up with these:

  • As a busy mama, running a bath and then having to chase a child around the house, answer the phone, turn off the stove, it is possible that I might at some point forget that I had run the bath. The Bath Buddy alarm going off would save a lot of mopping up later.
  • It resolves the “Darling, can you come and see if this is too much or too little water for me to bath the baby in?” situation. Set it up and leave it there, so Daddy can get on on his own from time to time.
  • And then there is the environmental benefit of not running too much water and then having to empty it out again, or too much hot water and have to empty out to add cold water. It could possibly save some water, making it good for the environment and your pocket.

The Bath Buddy suctions on to the bath and is operated by three (included) batteries - probably negating the environmental effect.

Having said all that, I'm not sure it's anything other than a pass-the-parcel present, but if you disagree, you can buy or reserve it for in store pick-up, or have it delivered within two days.

Thanks to Haylhoo over at HUKD


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