Up To 70% Off Selected Towels @ Debenhams

Up To 70% Off Selected Towels @ Debenhams

Fluffy2I love towels. Yes, I do love towels. It may mean I am desperately odd but there is something immensely satisfying about a soft and cuddly towel after a hot shower. Debenhams have a neat and tidy sale for towels on at the moment, going for as little as £2.40.

Interestingly the reviews say that the towels sent out are not the ones in the sale but this is an extremely odd thing for Debenhams to do so it may well be a one-off mistake. Personally I’d like to believe the best in them because these are really lovely products for an excellent price.

There are several different designs on offer, from striped towels to plain towels to towels with geometric desFluffyigns. You’re bound to find something that suits your decor and bathroom chic. The larger bath sheets are going from £6 to £17 – the more expensive ones being Egyptian towels.

No matter your preferences you should have fun browsing the selection included in the sale, even the extremely bright yellow ones that could cause an aneurism.

Thanks to chun-li at HUKD!


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