Apptivity Case For iPhones Review

5 December 2011

Apptivity Case

With our family all living abroad, we capture plenty 20 second videos to send over the oceans, and as she’s grown older, our daughter now loves watching these little home videos of herself. Of course we receive many messages back, and it was amazing seeing how she reacted the first time she ‘met’ these screen-people in real life: it was as if they lived next door.

Now, if I’m at the dentist, or waiting in a queue or on a long journey, or even on the rare occasion trying to eat a meal in a restaurant, my daughter can be entertained for hours on end as she watches these videos and actually talks back to them, answering questions and being entirely interactive.  Unfortunately my phone has found itself being thrown across a room if she is trying to skip a video (she learned how to do that frighteningly quickly) or something else comes up that she doesn’t want to see.

Enter the Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case from Fisher-Price. It’s a two-in-one case that will protect your iPhone or iPod touch from drool, spit, juice and unwanted calls – I’ve had so many text messages going, “Hey, I think your daughter just called me!”  So the Apptivity Case protects your home button. If you want access to the home button, however, you can pop the iPhone in the other way round and it works just as well.

When not used as a phone case, the textured handles on the Apptivity Case are also a rattle, and a teether, which is useful, because my phone has been used as a chew toy on more than one occasion too.  There’s also a child-safe mirror on the back, and what baby doesn’t like a mirror?

We’ve never downloaded any Apps, but you do get three free Apps with it – one that counts animals, one that makes animal sounds and one that teaches body parts. My daughter learned all those without the Apps, and I’m holding off on making screen-based games part of her life for now, but that’s personal choice, I guess.

All in all, I think the Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case is a great idea if you have a phone loving child and at £12.99 is within the price range of other phone protectors.

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  • SlayerKat
    I like this
  • Bexxia
    I just bought one of these today as my 17 month old son loves playing with my iPhone and has figured out how to press the home button and access all my apps! Got it from Argos as it's currently on offer at £9.99!

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