Zumba Home Fitness Kit £39.99 @ Reader’s Digest

Zumba Home Fitness Kit £39.99 @ Reader’s Digest

This is a pretty topical deal as everything seems to be about Zumba at the moment. Everywhere I turn there’s a Zumba going on, even a tribe of them roaming the streets last Saturday while I was doing my shopping. This Zumba Home Fitness kit has been marked down from £49.99 to £39.99 in the Reader’s Digest sale.

The Zumba Home Fitness kit is aimed at everyone from beginners to pros and included are six workouts including: Zumba basics, 20 minute express routine, cardio party, sculpt and tone, flat abs, and Zumba Live.

The entire Zumba Home Fitness pack comes with toning sticks too so you can add some extra weight to your wriggle as you boogie your way through those Latin rhythyms. The advantage of this kind of set, of course, is that you can wave your arms and your bum about without anybody else seeing you.

This is helpful if you are starting out and (like me) tend to be about four moves behind the instructor. The price is quite good for this kit that also has a Total Body Transformation Guide included. And if this doesn't do it for you, take a peek at the other deals they have. I am SO eyeballing that AB Circle Pro...


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