New York Bagels Review

4 February 2012

Ever since Christmas I’ve been on a mission to lose weight. Who am I kidding? I’m always on a mission to lose weight! Anyway, I recently discovered that one of my favourite foods, the scrummy bagel, is available at less than 2% fat. That isn’t a low sugar count, mind you, so you still have to be careful.

The New York Bagel range has five flavours that sit at this low 2% threshold so you can have a tasty cinnamon and raisin bagel for breakfast without feeling utterly guilty. I went and got the wholemeal, the cinnamon and raisin and the plain bagels to see how they tasted and to try out some ideas.

The cinnamon and raisin New York bagels are divine. They are one of my favourites, especially when toasted with low-fat olive spread. That’s it. The wholemeal ones are, obviously, far better for you on a GI diet scale and are very nice when eaten with some cucumber and turkey breast as this will fit into most low GI diet plans easily.

I expected them to be a bit cardboardy if I am honest. Often the wholemeal variants of such tasty foods are a bit dry and tasty processed. I didn’t find this an issue with the New York dudes at all. Very nice. They also taste divine with soup.

The plain bagels are a special treat. They are made with processed flour, white flour, which is always more fattening and higher in sugar content than wholemeal. However, as an occasional treat they are divine, especially if you stick with a low fat topping.

The New York bagel Facebook site has plenty of recipe ideas for you and the cost of a pack of five is £1.35 – that works out to 27p a meal if you only have one. Great price and great taste. Winner.

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