Thomas the Tank Engine Money Bank £2.99 @ M&M

moneyBox Now THIS is a great way to encourage kids to be responsible with money

Introduce your little Thomas fan to the wonderful world of finance and get them saving right from the very word go - well, actually from 3 years onwards due to small bits it says in the item blurb.

Fve pence peices are ideal swallowing size too so just make sure they can't get their sticky mitts on this until they are old enough not to want to eat money - they'll forever take ever last penny you have, but just as long as they don't choke on it that's 'fine'.

thomas2So, Thomas - he doesn't do anything! No flashing lights, no "PEEP! PEEEEP!" noises or steam noises or snippets of the, by now, ohhhh so familiar Thomas soundtrack; no moving parts, no batteries required, he just sits and looks after your child's cash.

Now this really appeals to me in a Thomas world full of noise and lights and going broke to not having shares in Duracell (other batteries are available hur hur), it's nice to just have something simple.

The rrp on this little Thomas treasure is £12.99 so you'll save yourself a tenner - hey, maybe you could put it in the money box when it arrives and get your child's savings off to a flying start!  It was just an idea *grin*

Thanks to nicnicrees over at HUKD!

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