Sugar Women’s Poncho Snowflake Boot £13.49 @ Javari

Sugar Women’s Poncho Snowflake Boot £13.49 @ Javari


The Fairisle knitting thing is big, big, big this winter and you can already see it on all the jumpers and cardigans and dresses lining the shelves. I am unsure of the idea of little reindeers on my clothes, but I have fallen for the pink and greys that are everywhere and in funky shapes.

These books are only £13.49, down from £44.99, and have a snowflake sweater pattern on them in the Fairisle style. I rather like this shoe. It looks toasty warm for those trudging up the sleety, snowy, icy hills on the school run, that’s for sure.

You can choose between brown or black, with the brown version offering up a blue snowflake, and the black offering up a pink one. I am very much into my knitting at the moment so this shoe is calling to me. Oh yes, yes it is. Although what does give me pause is that these particular shoes are made in China.

The shop itself is ace. I am not sure how they manage this but they offer free next day delivery. How awesome is that. So if you order now, you’ll have your scrummy snowflake shoes tomorrow. Awesome!

Thanks to Sharon_uk at HUKD


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