Slendertone Bottom Challenge Week 3

28 August 2011


Well, this has been an interesting week. Bolstered by the results from last week, I’ve been very focused on keeping the carbs and crap out of my system and doing both the Slendertone and the exercises faithfully. I can really feel my bum getting a workout now and I’ve had to ease into the settings instead of just jumping into action.

Last week I sat at an intensity of around 60/65, this week it ramped up to as high as 75 and, I have to tell you, my butt noticed! At first I tried to take it all the way up from the moment I started my session. OW. That is NOT a good idea. It actually hurt.

Plan B was to increase the setting incrementally over a couple of minutes so it didn’t hit me all at once. The intensity is so high that you can see the muscles being pulled inwards. It is still rather relaxing but you are getting one heck of a workout.

slendertoneboxThings were going along swimmingly until I fell down some stairs on Wednesday – we were mid house renovation and a piece of plastic had been cunningly hiding on the step. One dislocated shoulder later and I am now unable to complement the Slendertone machine workout with the included exercises.

On one hand this isn’t too bad. Now, any results I get from the Slendertone will be exclusively from the device itself and not boosted with additional exercise. On the other hand my plan for the Cameron Diaz bum is going to take a lot longer than I originally planned.

I am still finding the machine awkward to set up every time I put it on. I am becoming more adept at sort of placing the pads in the right locations but almost every other time sees me leaping up into the air and restarting the session because I’d placed a pad in the wrong spot. And when you do that, the nerves can get a bit miffed.

That is a downer but not one I see changing really, you can’t exactly design the trousers to be any more self explanatory. It is just a side effect of not being able to swivel your head Exorcist style or, if you are like me, not asking your husband to help you out because they can’t contain their laughter.

The results have stayed steady this week. Whether this is a direct result of not doing the physical exercise as well as the Slendertone or just the way the programme goes is hard to say, but I am happy to report that I can feel and see a physical difference. So far you can colour me impressed.

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