Sixty Viola Seedlings For Just £14.99

Sixty Viola Seedlings For Just £14.99

Crocus are offering fantastic discounts on their autumn bedding plants. Buy 40 of these mixed Viola Sorbet seedlings and get 20 FREE. These pretty flowers are perfect for your kids to plant and water and watch grow during autumn and winter. Crocus can deliver in September so you don’t plant too early.

Foster a love of the outdoors and beautiful gardens with these mixed Viola seedlings. Easy to plant these Viola seedlings like full sun or partial shade and moderately fertile, humus-rich and well-drained soil. They are average to fast-growing (keeping impatient children interested) and flower in late winter and early mid spring. Also these hardy, dainty orange, white, pink and blue flowers will come back year after year, delighting your little gardener.

Crocus grow these seedlings especially for you so they need to take full payment when you place your order so as to reserve stock for you. So get your kids gardening – there’s nothing better than getting some fresh air in the sun while creating something beautiful.


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  • CatInHat
    Seedlings? Fifteen quid for seedlings? lol