These are the QCloud 2091 Platforms: What would you fill yours with?

5 January 2015

mad shoes pm

We sometimes come across some really original and unusual things whilst searching for bargains, and Emma has found something pretty...well...amazing!

Now, we're not suggesting them as a bargain as they are around $150 and we can't seem to find a UK seller for them at the moment, but we thought you'd like to see them anyway.

These shoes come with a removable clear base that you fill with whatever you want to - the ponies are what the designer used, but you could basically put anything that would fit we suppose.

They are called the QCLOUD 2091 Platforms and are made by YRU. They seem to be fairly widely available in the US, and Emma found them for sale on the Ashbury Skies website. They were for sale on ASOS, but they no longer stock them. (Boo!)

We had a giggle discussing what we would put 'our' pair. There were a fair few sweetie suggestions - pick & mix or maltesers would look fab, or marbles, loom bands, lego, or drawing pins. There were also suggestions of oil and water to make a lava lamp effect, coloured play sand to match your outfit and 1p pieces, though we did think that these might make them so heavy that you wouldn't be able to walk in them! Toy soldiers in mine I think.

Amy more ideas? What would you fill your platforms with?


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