Salter Fitness Plus Body Fat Analyser Scales £16.93 @ The Hut

26 August 2010

10225696-1279108011-769000 These scales have been marked down from £49.99 to only £16.93 which is a whopping saving for a really fancy set of scales. While I’m not entirely sure I want to know my body fat ratio (cry) this is probably a good thing to get me to stop eating cake.

These scales display your BMI, total weight, body fat and water to the nearest 0.1%. You can even detach the display panel and the clock and mount them on the wall so you can see your measurements more clearly. Now that is clever.

The scales can be set to record the weights and targets of up to four different people, so it’s brilliant if you’re on a family diet and you all want to stay on track and see your individual measurements. It also comes with a ten year guarantee.

body-fat-scalesI am dead impressed with these. Although I imagine that setting each person up will be a little tedious at first. Also, how does it now what the water weight is? That’s awesome. Let me know if you get them and what you think!

Thanks to taswir1 at HUKD!

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