Parents Freebie: Free The Ideas Kitchen Bag

9 November 2010


The Ideas Kitchen are giving away free kitchen bags to anyone who registers with their website. All you need to do is get yourself registered, fill in your profile and the bag will amble its way on over to you.

Once you’ve registered with The Ideas Kitchen, fill in your address details and you should then receive a confirmation email telling you that your bag is on the way. I had no problems doing this myself (I checked it all for you!) so you shouldn’t either.

The Ideas Kitchen is a place to go to learn how to cook, get great recipes and snatch some fab tips and tricks at the same time. It is sponsored (or run) by Panasonic so expect a measure of advertising, but I have to admit that there is a lot of good stuff there.

I enjoyed the different sections, and the competitions are ace too. So yes, nab a free bag, do some reading and get yourself some free cooking lessons at the same time.

Thanks to crazehost at HUKD!

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  • Paul
    It doesnt say anywhere about a free bag, not on the site and not in the registration email!
  • Katrina
    I followed the registration steps but like Paul nothing about a free bag!
  • Lisa
    Same here, I have registered but no free bag!
  • emma
    i also registered a little while ago - no mention of bag or nothing in post. has the person put the post on got theirs!!
  • Paul
    I have still not received anything. So maybe Tasmin Oxford the author can post an explanation?
  • Emma K.
    Hey, don't shoot the messenger. In the thread on HUKD, people have reported that they have received it:
  • Paul
    The thread indicates some people did but some didn't so maybe that should of been mentioned. Wasn't shooting anyone was just after an explanation that's all.
  • Lynley O.
    I think what Emma meant was, we just let people know where they can get freebies like this one. Otherwise we've nothing to do with the offer beyond the reporting. If it isn't working for some people there's not much of an explanation for us to give, as we're not involved or associated with the site giving the Freebie away.

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