Parents Freebie: Free Green Tea @ Clipper Teas

Parents Freebie: Free Green Tea @ Clipper Teas

Fancy a free pack of Clipper Green Tea? Well then, this freebie should make you rather happy. All you have to do is recommend a friend to Clipper Teas and you get a free pack of green tea.

The rules here are simple. To get your free pack of green tea you need to fill in a friend’s details and your own details and you get your packet. It looks like it is an entire box of 25 bags of pure green tea too, which is a bargain!

We love green tea here; it is so good for you and magical for coughs. I had a really bad cough a while ago and it kept me up for weeks until I discovered that cold green tea soothed the tickle enough for me to fall asleep. It’s brilliant.

The free packet of green tea is easy enough to get, the form very minimal and the whole thing very tasty. Yay!

Thanks to ettienem1001 at HUKD


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