Parents Freebie: Free Flix Samples And Coupons

Parents Freebie: Free Flix Samples And Coupons


Fancy some dental hygiene magic for free? Well Flix are giving away samples of the Flix Interdental Sticks as well as vouchers to anyone brave enough to register. Registration is actually very simple and you can opt out of getting the spamilicious newsletter if you so desire.

So, the Flix samples and coupons are for this rather brilliant idea – it’s an Interdental Stick and Floss in One that helps to remove plaque and freshen breath at the same time. It comes with a plastic handle for ergonomic comfort and ease of use and the floss has a mesh for effective plaque removal.

The design is tapered to make reaching those interdental spaces a lot easier and you can use it to make that gleaming smile of yours even more brilliant. If you’re a tooth cleaning nut, or are looking for something more efficient than your current strategy then give this freebie a look-see.


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