New Parent Free Life Cover @ Post Office

New Parent Free Life Cover @ Post Office

Life Insurance

While not exactly new - they've been doing it for a while - if you're a new parent, you might not know about this free offer from the post office: they'll give you a free year's life insurance, valid until your child's first birthday.

I never had life insurance - I never saw the point, really - then my daughter was born and suddenly I couldn't stop counting the reasons for doing it! What if something happened to me? Who'd look after her? How would they account for her in their budgets? How would they pay for her university fees. I decided it was time to do the grown up thing and get a policy. But in those early weeks, getting to the bank to set up an appointment was the furthest thing from my mind. She was almost two by the time I finally got it done, and now, should anything happen, my girls will be looked after without being a burden to family who love them.

I would have loved this offer from the post office in those early weeks though: Just a phone call - no payments and no bank details required, just ring 'em up and get it sorted. 

The payout on this policy is only £10000 and won't last them through life, but it's at least something till you can sit and decipher the world of insurance.

Thanks knash1234 at HUKD


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