Mum’s Freebie: A Night Off

17 March 2013

It’s sponsored by Birds Eye and they’re calling it the Teatime Handover. Bird’s Eye have decided that it’s time for mum to have a night off and time to encourage families to come together at teatime. All you need to do is use the application to nominate someone else to cook on their Facebook page.

Bird’s Eye think mums should get more than one evening off a year! The Birds Eye's Teatime Handover is all about giving the regular teatime makers some time to relax and encouraging families around Great Britain to put their aprons on and get together in the kitchen to make their favourite teatime meal.

The application allows you to nominate a member of your family via Facebook. They will then receive an email from Birds Eye, notifying them that it’s their turn to cook the family meal for the evening. There are cool prizes to be won such as dining sets.

Sit back and relax mum and let someone else to everything this evening!

Visit and nominate your family member for a chance to put your feet up with Birds Eye and win some fabulous teatime prizes!

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