Mixed Sandwich Platter Just £18 @ Waitrose

4 August 2013


Don’t have time to make sandwiches for your child’s party? Then these 24 sandwich triangles made with assorted breads and fillings for just £18 from Waitrose will take pressure off you on your child’s big day. Collect on the day from your closest Waitrose branch of they’ll deliver to you for free!

As a working mom I’m all for outsourcing especially when it comes to the catering of my kids’ parties (and yes I do smile to myself and take the credit for “wonderful snacks” comments from other parents!) What could be better than delicious sandwiches, rolls and wraps beautifully made and presented being delivered to your door on the morning of your child’s party while you’re rushing around tidying up and icing the birthday cake?

Waitrose use a variety of breads and fillings – choose between (amongst others): rare beef and horseradish; prawn mayonnaise; roast chicken and stuffing; cheddar cheese ploughman's, cheddar and gooseberry chutney and more. The £18 platter serves four to six people and you must order four days before your event.

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  • hospitaljuliep
    i think this is a large amount of money just for 4-6 kids, & you would not save any pennies by buying these.
  • jamhops
    This is not a deal 24 triangles / 4 (for each Sandwhich) = 6 Sandwhich = £3 p/Sandwhich meal deals would be better!
  • jniner
    kids really won't go for such mature flavours as horseradish and gooseberry chutney either besides the fact that this really isn't a good deal. it'll take five minutes to knock up a couple of plates of sandwiches at a fraction of the price.
  • LynleyOram
    well you say all that but actually, this 'cheats' platter idea works pretty well. I've been to a few kids parties where busy working mums have used platters like this and they've all been cleared. Although I agree about the horseradish, but most of the kids around our way would be fine with chutneys. Just don't tell them exactly what is in the sandwich. When they've spent an hour running about like maniacs they'll hoover up anything. I don't know the Waitrose ones though - we have a M&S Food Hall near-ish to us. It isn't the cheap option, but it works out well if you are time poor.
  • shazzybabes
    Iceland do a better platter than that for £5 at xmas
  • LynleyOram
    You're kidding right?! It tastes awful. Plus only at Christmas. If you're going to pay for a sandwich platter you want one that is a proper treat. I could throw together sandwiches for a fraction of the Iceland's ones that taste way better.

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