Kids Freebie: Free After School Activities @ Petit Filous & Frubes

Kids Freebie: Free After School Activities @ Petit Filous & Frubes

Petit Filous and Frubes have joined forces to launch the Petit Filous & Frubes After School Club which offers a whole range of exciting after school activities free with points collected from packs of Petit Filous or Frubes.

New research from Petit Filous suggests that keeping kids busy comes at a cost as a fifth of parents are paying £7 on average for their children’s after school activities. The Petit Filous and Frubes After School Club started this month – September 2012 – and points can be collected from any purchase of the products.

Free sessions can then be claimed by visiting the site above and choosing from various options available. The vouchers are valid until 26 November 2012 and must be booked by then at the latest. And it is worth noting that the purchase of a full price adult ticket may be required in order to receive a free session for an accompanying adult or child at some participating venues.

This seems interesting but I strongly advise you to see how many points you need for an activity, whether or not you have to pay for an adult ticket, see how many packets of product you have to buy in order to be eligible, and work out whether or not it is actually free or even cheaper.


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