Kids Freebie: Free Kelloggs Mini Max Cereal @ Tesco

Kids Freebie: Free Kelloggs Mini Max Cereal @ Tesco

I am torn about this particular freebie but I thought that it was worth mentioning for some of you may be able to take full advantage of this offer. It is a Tesco Internet Exclusive where you get a free box of Kelloggs Mini Max cereal to try out.

The new Kelloggs mini max cereal is made with wholegrain fibre and the free box is the 560g size and you can only get one per customer. What has had many of us chattering, though, is why they say it isn’t suitable for vegetarians! What on Earth could this cereal contain? If you’re a vegetarian, maybe you can help us figure it out…

Anyway, the discount will be credited when you go to the till and the free cereal offer is subject to availability. Make sure that you add this during your online shop otherwise you’ll be charged delivery charges on this, making it not free at all. And make sure it is taken off your total price at the end too as some people have had a problem there.

Thanks to ambergarcia at HUKD!


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  • winklegirl
    According to the ingredients list on the Tesco site it contains beef gelatine.
    • LynleyOram
      why oh why does it have to contain gelatine in the first place, let alone beef?