Kids Freebie: Fab Activity Packs @ Fanta

Kids Freebie: Fab Activity Packs @ Fanta

Yeah, this is not an optical illusion, this is the new Fanta website that comes with all sorts of cool freebies and extras for kids, like their Fanta Fun Packs. These Fanta Fun Packs were created with Linda Barker so that kids and parents can make fun things together and stay entertained.

These free Fanta Fun Packs are a pretty good idea considering that the weather is about to get nasty again. Yes, those two days of sun were IT my friends! So, without further ado why not peek at the free recipes and crafts on the site so you don’t go mad in the rain.

You can whip up a scrummy banana cupcake recipe (yum) or you can get to grips with learning how to stencil with step-by-step instructions. You can either download and print these, or you can follow them onscreen. From toiletry bag ideas to designing a funky t-shirt or learning how to create your own pouffe, everything you need is in there.

What a lovely freebie for the kids!


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