Kenwood BM256 Bread Maker £34.99 @ Amazon

Dbread Oh, how can you not love the smell of fresh bread in the morning? It’s especially yummy when you’ve made it all by yourself. This fantastic breadmaker from Kenwood has had a hefty £35 sliced (hur hur) off the original price, taking it down to only £34.99 including delivery. 

I own a breadmaker. I honestly don’t know how I lived without it. Before I bought it, I did do the maths on how much it would cost to make my own bread versus purchasing it at the supermarket. I can’t remember the exact figures, and they’ve probably changed a bit since the recession, but it worked out to something like 34p a loaf in 2008. 

Now that is a substantial saving and if you add that to the fact that, when it is homemade, there are no preservatives or funny things added to the mix, it’s a good idea to consider buying a breadmaker. This particular one hdbread2as 13 programmes, can make jams and cakes, has a timer, includes measuring equipment and automatic restart if there is a power failure. 

It also includes a one hour keep warm function, different crust settings and even a rapid bake programme for hot, fresh bread in under an hour. YUM! 

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!

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  • Sarah K.
    I LURVE my breadmaker! It has a timer on it too so I can throw all the ingredients in at night and wake up to just-ready bread in the mornings. Genius bits of kitchen kit!
  • Emma K.
    I love mine too! I'm trying out some Banana and Walnut bread later on.
  • Sarah K.
    So how was the Banana and Walnut bread? It lasts all of 30 seconds in my house!
  • Emma K.
    Was very good! Except i got a little bit of eggshell in my mouthful... will crack egg into a bowl before I put it in bread machine the next time!

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