Junior Crocs £5 & Adult Crocs £10 @SportsDirect

I know we keep saying that Spring has sprung, and perhaps if we keep saying it we might even start to believe it. But what better way to convince yourself th croc at summer is on its way than with some new footwear to get the new season going? Sports Direct have a cracking offer on crocs just now, down to £5 for junior sizes and £10 for adults ones.

Crocs seem to divide opinion even more than politics does. Love em or loathe them, they're absolutely perfect for children in the summer. I love that my lads can get them on and off without my help and they're brilliant for wearing on the beach or for playing in the garden when the paddling pool is out because it doesn't matter if they get soaked. But they offer a bit more protection to little toes than plain old flipflops or sandals and a pair of cosy socks transforms them easily when the evening draws in.

As for adults wearing Crocs, I'm not going to comment beyond admitting that it is a fashion crime of which I am guilty but seriously, once you've slipped your dainty feet into the unrivalled comfort of a pair of Crocs on a hot day, well, it's hard to give them up.

crocs2There are loads of sizes and styles in this sale and you can search according to size and colour as well as other criteria, making it an easy process.

Standard delivery is £3.99 while premium is £5.99 and applies if you place your order before 2pm for next day delivery Monday to Thursday.

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