Hewlett Packard Deskjet D2660 Printer £12 @ Orange

3 September 2010

Deskjet_D2660_Printe If you don’t own a printer because you find their usual prices prohibitive then this is the best deal ever. Only £12 for a printer. I’m pretty stunned myself. I just bought another printer for three times that amount last week so I’m kicking myself over this one!

This printer is easy to use and only has three simple controls – power, resume and cancel. It prints at 28ppm in black and white and at 21ppm when printing in colour. I am rather amazed that it even prints in colour!

Now one thing to bear in mind with most printers, especially HP, is that the machines don’t cost very much but the inks are very expensive. However, if you use it wisely then you can get several months out of every set of cartridges Deskjet_D2660_Printesand really squeeze value for money out of them.

Paying only £12 for a printer amazes me. I mean, I remember when home printers first hit the shelves and you needed a small mortgage to afford them. Now you can get one for less than a toy!

Thanks to Idn06 at HUKD!

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