The Green And Fruiti Review

1 March 2012

Green and Fruiti is a dietary supplement that helps to keep your body filled with the recommended five a day. With two tablets you are packing a vitamin punch that provides you with your RDA of fruit and veg. So, does it work?

I know I am very guilty of not eating my five a day because when I get busy I tend to neglect myself somewhat. I forget to eat two portions of fruit during the day and fill up on rubbish instead of healthy food. So, these were pretty much what I needed but I wasn’t convinced they would work.

The day they arrived I was really run down. I had the tail end of yet another cold, I was shattered from lots of late nights, and our fruit and veg delivery had failed to turn up, again. So I popped two of the pills and put them in a place where I would remember to take them every day.

Now that a month has gone by I can happily say that I have noticed a difference in my body’s general health. I have more energy and I feel healthier. I also sleep a lot harder than I did before! The cost of getting a bottle of Green and Fruiti is around £20 (depending on where you shop) and will last you a month.

It is probably a lot cheaper than investing in the recommended daily allowance of fruit and veg, and will get you the necessary nutrients to maintain your physical well being. Would I buy these? I think if I was stressed, busy and run down I would pop out and nab these in a heartbeat but I wouldn’t use them to replace the real thing if time and money permitted.

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