Family Freebie: Free Home Fire Safety Check

21 March 2011


There is always the risk that something could short or spark and your home could catch fire. There is no point in placing your family in danger, especially when the Fire & Rescue Service offers free home fire safety checks to people.

The home fire safety check is completely free and carried out by professional firefighters. You can call the Freephone number on the site, or you can fill out an online request form. Firefighters spend a lot of time visiting people in their homes to go through the house and help check for any risks.

During the visit they will give you practical advice to help you eliminate or reduce the risk of fire happening in your home. And they will help you to work out a practical fire escape plan to make sure that if the worst happens, you can escape safely.

I know that the fear of fire is big on my list, I have heard way too many horror stories, so I’ve already filled out my online form…

Thanks to Maggy at HUKD!

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