Cuddle Me Pregnancy Pillow £17.99 @ Home Bargains

Cuddle Me Pregnancy Pillow £17.99 @ Home Bargains

Home Bargains has reduced the price on the By Carla Cuddle Me pregnancy pillow from £34.99 to £17.99. You are saving £17 off the original retail price and getting a very useful pillow in the process!

The full length Cuddle Me Pregnancy Pillow from fresh new nursery brand By Carla provides wrap around support for the whole body whilst sleeping or relaxing. The pillow can be used in various positions to provide support for your bump, back and knees during pregnancy, and can be used whilst relaxing in bed, on the sofa, on a chair or on the floor. After baby is born the pillow provides a comfy wrap around aid to breast or bottle feeding for both mum and baby.

The By Carla range has been developed using all of the experience of a real mum. As a mum who knows, Carla has experienced the joys and challenges of pregnancy and parenthood, first hand. Carla's experience has been used to help design a vibrant range of pre-natal and nursery products to make life a little easier, allowing you to enjoy every minute of being a parent, from the very first moment.


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