Create A Camping Adventure On A Budget

9 February 2012

Spring is coming. It is, I promise. I really do. In a few months you’ll have forgotten that you are now sat there with freezing feet and the fear that the reason you can’t feel your ears is because they have fallen off. Instead you’ll be standing in the garden and enjoying a brisk breeze and the smell of summer on the wind.

So what are you planning to do for your Easter break? Are you going to hunt for a last minute deal? Stay at home and tidy up the place in time for the visitors of summer? Why not grab yourself a pen and paper and prepare for a lovely spring trip that won’t cost you a fortune but will do wonders for those winter cobwebs on your soul.

How about camping, then? Sure, you run the risk of it being a damp and chilly couple of days but if you happen to have a sense of adventure and a love of squelching about in wellies, well it is both cost effective and fun.

There are plenty of fabulous campsites on offer around the UK and many of them have great facilities for you to enjoy. Gone are the days (well, not entirely gone) where you were given a field and some warnings about werewolves and left to your own devices. Now you are still left to have fun but you will find many campsites with friendly staff, great facilities and lovely locations.

So, what do you need? You need a tent (obviously), sleeping bags, sleeping mats, a camping stove and other such accessories. Check out this awesome camping checklist on Netmums, it covers all the bases and then some.

If you don’t happen to own all of this kit, then you’re probably thinking that a camping holiday isn’t going to be as cheap as I promised. Well, yes and no. You see, getting all the equipment initially is a bit of a spend but, unlike a holiday in a hotel, you get to keep everything afterwards. You can then go camping at any time with anyone without any worries as you already have everything you need.

A great way of getting your camping kit sorted out on a budget is to plan ahead by a long, long shot and watch bargains on sites like our very own Hot UK Deals. Discounts and vouchers and sales on camping goodies are very common, especially during the winter months, so you can nab yourself some very good quality kit at a lot less than the original prices.

It is also worth noting that you should do some research into the type of tents and sleeping bags you buy. Not all camping equipment is created equal and you need to get a sleeping bag with a high tog level if you are planning on camping in early spring or late autumn (or anywhere high up). There are few things worse than a leaky tent, a thin sleeping bag and a freezing cold night with no sleep. Getting the right kit will ensure you have a good time.

Your next port of call is the campsite itself. Where do you plan on going this year? Are you going to stay in the UK or are you planning on driving across the channel and off into Europe for some sunnier camping fun? Either way it is worth finding out the best spots as voted for by other people.

Again Netmums have a lovely list of recommended campsites broken down according to location in the UK. Another site worth visiting for campsite advice is the AA. They hold a yearly award that recognises excellence in campsites and that checks things like customer care, toilets, public areas, facilities and more. These sites are pretty much going to offer you plenty of great extras and you are unlikely to be disappointed. However, they are not awarded based on price so shop around a bit to find the best offers or deals. We even have travel deals on HUKD if you fancy searching there first…

So, there you have it. Camping may be a bit expensive at first but you get to keep on using the kit year after year, and if you buy good quality items, then you will save a lot of money in the long term. See you on the cliffs and fields!

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  • LynleyOram
    There's a campsite in London! A great way to spend a few, inexpensive days in the capital city. Preferably in the Summer I think you need to book well in advance.

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