Own Your Own Colour £1 @ Dulux & UNICEF

Own Your Own Colour £1 @ Dulux & UNICEF

This is an awesome initiative that will cost you only £1 and you get to name your very own colour while helping to save a child’s life. By clicking on the link below and following the onscreen instructions, you can choose any colour you like and name it anything you want.

Apparently your average computer, smartphone and tablet can display 16.7 million colours. That’s seriously cool. I didn’t even know there were that many different colours! So, Dulux decided to team up with UNICEF to help them raise money by selling you a colour.

You can either explore the site and hunt for your colour carefully and slowly, or you can head straight for your favourite colour by clicking on the relevant links on the opening screen. The colour you choose will take up the whole screen and you will see which ones have been sold because they are coloured in.

This is so cool. You can name your colour and it becomes the official name! Brilliant. So, go ahead and name your own colour with Dulux and UNICEF and help save a child’s life at the same time.


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