Cheap Flights And Deals @ TravelZoo

Cheap Flights And Deals @ TravelZoo


I was pleasantly impressed with this deal actually. I went to the site and did some hunting and the system is offering you the price that you see, none of that saying one thing but only delivering another that is so very common. You can get some very low priced flights to the US or Africa right now.

There are fares to New York, Miami, Johannesburg, Sydney, San Francisco and Las Vegas from around £305 (those are the NY flights). You can book from October onwards in some cases, and in others there are even cheap flights over the upcoming half term!

These discounted prices are from a number of top airlines and you are not going to end up flying via some metal and a winged camel either. Also, some of the low prices don’t have hideous stopovers so that’s a real bargain.

The cost will come in with finding places to stay once you get to your destination but if you know people over there or can find discount accommodation you get a pretty good holiday at good prices…

Thanks to tintin2k2 at HUKD!


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