British Heart Foundation Party Pack Review

6 August 2011


I recently got a large, well wrapped box from the British Heart Foundation. It is their new children’s party pack that helps parents to put on a fun and healthy party for their kids. And I have to say – colour me impressed.

To start with the pack is absolutely lush. You get an instruction booklet that talks you through planning the party, fancy dress themes, goody bag ideas, tasty tips and nutritional information. It came as something of a shock to realise that the standard plate of children’s party food could be more packed with calories and saturated fats than an entire pepperoni pizza.

That’s insane!

However, with this ace pack you can throw a party that has all the scrummy goodies kids love about a party without filling them up with crap. The top of the pack has brightly coloured cards with ace recipes and decoration ideas. The front is a pic of what you are making and the back is the recipe. The cards are made from solid card too, so they will last for ages. My daughter’s absolute favourites were the Blob Monsters.

These cakes are easy to make, fun, healthy and there are lots of them!

Next up you get a pile of activity cards which talk you through different games you can play with the kids. The pack is aimed at 4-8 year olds and the games suit them perfectly.

Then you get a positively gigantic book of stickers for decorating invitations, goodybags, fruit, and winner stickers. AND you get 20 sheets of stickers along with actual placemats so they can decorate their own place settings. It is pure genius. The set also comes with adorable invitations.

The pack costs only £6.99 including P&P, has everything you need for a perfect and healthy party, and I utterly and totally LOVE it!

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