£9.50 Holidays @ The Sun

27 March 2010


Ok, so I’ve been desperate for a quick and tasty holiday for ages, just a fast and furious break that will get me away from the house without costing me a fortune. Imagine my delight when I discovered this deal! You can choose from a rather startling range of resorts for stupidly low prices on the Sun’s website.

Ok so while these holidays may not be at silver service resorts with waiters bowing to your every need, they will be in fun places that you’ve never seen before. Besides, half the holiday fun is in the people you go with anyway.

You can choose from a ton of UK-based holidays as well as some in France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. The availability of places is shrinking fast so it’s probably best to get on there as soon as you can.

The actual booking process is rather stressful too. You are given ten minutes at each stage before the entire operation times out, and if you change your mind the Reset button doesn’t work so you have to delete your cookies. I am still hovering over the “purchase” button as I have no clue as to what these resorts will be like. Perhaps that’s half the fun?

Thanks to Sim at HUKD!

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