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Being a parent isn’t all about silky soft clothes and bottles and games, it’s also about getting the house ready or, quite possibly, repairing it as they leave a trail of destruction. If you need new home decor or have to fix a cupboard or two then the 70 percent sale at Focus is going to make you very, very happy. 

For the kitchen there is 70 percent off selected goods plus an extra 10 percent in some cases. I’m not sure why but the site says so. Units have been marked down from £1766 to only £635.76 or £1020 to £275. It’s an impressive drop in price. While not all the units are 70 percent down, the markings are quite clear as to what reduction you are getting. 

Bathroom suites, home delivered, are down by 70 percent too but the savings are not very clear on the site in this section. Ensure that you are choosing the right units at a discount if you browse through here as nothing is very well marked. Focus

Needless to say, in spite of possibly having some navigation issues, you are bound to find some excellent deals in this sale so have fun. 

Thanks to amibees at HUKD!

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  • Heidi S.
    LOVE that kitchen. WANT.

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