40% Off Any Pizza @ Pizza Hut

 40% Off Any Pizza @ Pizza Hut

In order to celebrate Pizza Hut’s 40 years of proud innovation, they’re offering 40% off one of their 4 finest creations (pan pizza, stuffed crust pizzas, cheesy bites and pizzetas) for the 4 weeks in June. This weeks deal is 40% off a pan pizza. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, this ‘deep-dish’ pizza is a firm favourite.

Which kid doesn’t LOVE pizza? In my house Friday night is Pizza-and-DVD night and Pizza Hut with their free delivery is our firm favourite. Every now and then I treat the kids and take them into a Pizza Hut and enjoy their free unlimited salad while the kids devour margherita pizzas, chicken strips or spaghetti Bolognese. The calories in each dish is shown on the menu so you know exactly what what you’re kids are eating.

So take advantage of 40% off pan pizza until Thursday 6 June and keep an eye out for 40% off stuffed crust pizzas, cheesy bites and pizzetas for those of us who want less than 50 calories to taste heavenly.


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