150+1 Marbles £1 @ Poundland

150+1 Marbles £1 @ Poundland

This is a lovely deal for kids and parents alike. If you’ve lost yours, now you’ll have so many that nobody will notice. Brilliant. Only £1 for 150 marbles at Poundland and a chance to recapture your marble mad youth.

I remember the days when marbles were the coolest kids toy around. We used to play in the playground for hours, trying our best to win all the marbles and learning the marble lingo. Do you still remember the different names? I remember Shiny and that’s about it.

Anyway, this pack of marbles is amusing called 150+1 (as opposed to just 151) marbles and includes quite a few different shapes and sizes to get kids started. It would make a fab addition to the holiday game closet, especially if you want to keep them busy while you read a book on the sun lounger.

Thanks to Beetplek at HUKD!


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