12 Piece Dinner Set £4.56 @ Wilkinson

 12 Piece Dinner Set £4.56 @ Wilkinson


This is another ace deal today. They seem to be falling out the sky at the moment! This price of a mere £4.56 for a white porcelain dining set is utterly brilliant and you can collect yours instore for free too.

The set is a simple and budget friendly addition to any home. The plain white design means that it will fit in with most décor and the cost means that if the plates are dropped by little hands (or big clumsy ones early in the morning) there won’t be any tears or heartbreak about the expense.

I love the product description on the site – they say it is perfect for the first week at college. Does this mean that they think students sell the plates by the end of the week, refuse to wash them or break them all within a 7 day period?

The set comes with four dinner plates, side plates and bowls and is both dishwasher and microwave friendly.

Thanks to sammybadger at HUKD!


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