£10 Off Onaroo Sleep Trainers, Now From £19.99 @ Amazon

3 October 2015

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Have you been thinking about trying a sleep training clock for your little ones? With the clock change coming up in a few short weeks younger children can find it very hard to adjust to the change in daylight at bedtime and in the mornings, and their sleep patterns can go haywire.

One way to help children with seeing when it is time to wake up and time to stay on bed is the night light sleep trainer clocks and many parents swear by them.

Amazon have three different ones on an offer of the day today so if you were thinking of trying these Onaroo ones then each has £10 off until midnight.

There are three types on offer today: the Okay To Wake Sleep Trainer* and the Portable Owl Nightlight and Sleep Trainer* are both £19.99, and the Teach Me Time Talking Sleep Trainer* has the extra features that get children used to using a regular clock and that is an extra £5 at £24.99 today.

These all have different features so there should be one that will suit your child's age and needs to help them with bedtime, and to stop them getting out of bed in the middle of the night!

If you have used a sleep training clock like these we would love to know what you think of them. Let us know in the comments or over on our Facebook page.

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