Monster & Bad Dream Repellent Spray!

8 March 2015

anti monster spray pm

Do you remember that £79 duvet set we told you about that was supposed to help cure your child's fear of the dark? I was the one who didn't like the idea, agreeing with the comment on our facebook page that said it was "validating the existence of monsters" so not helping in the long run.

However... my son isn't as convinced as I thought he was about monsters and bad dreams not being real. But we've come up with a plan to get rid of them so I thought I'd share it.

We had the idea of getting rid of bad dreams of monsters and bad dreams by spraying them away like you would with dirt or bugs, and we've made the spray for him. He wanted it to smell sweet because "bad guys and monsters won't like that", so it's filled with water and a splash of something sweet smelling. It's just an old spray bottle cleaned out, and he's decorated it with an anti-monster sign, and Spiderman defeating Sandman.  These are based on his night time fears, but obviously you could add whatever is appropriate for your child.

What do you think? It's definitely cheaper than the £79 duvet cover, and I would still prefer it if he just accepted the truth that monsters are just not real, but I have to acknowledge that children don't believe that until they are older. Do you think it could help your kids?

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