The Dream Coracle: Dog Bed Or Great Invention?

20 February 2015


When I first saw the advert for these I thought "why would anyone in their right mind buy a dog bed for their child?". I then watched a video about Northumbria University Nursery who uses them and it really changed my mind. Sure, these Dream Coracles are very reminiscent of a canine pit BUT my son Daniel rolls about the floor with his sookie (comfort) blanket dosing and I think he could use one of these.

Check out the Dream Coracle, here.

Well I did think that until I saw the price...over £255. My other half would think I had lost the plot. Can I can get away with buying a fancy dog bed for much less? Would that be okay? I don't want to mock this product though, as I do think that the idea is really good.

Perhaps, we will just settle for a padded giant cushion with lots of blankets for now. The concept is great and I like the freedom of letting your child decide when he or she is ready for little nap. I can't help thinking that they might decide they don't want a nap at all and end up stroppy and difficult.

What's your thoughts on the Dream Coracle? Is it too much like a bed for the dog? Or is it a really good idea? Let us know over on our Facebook page.

Thanks to Nikki G on the PlayPennies FB Page

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